The world of Kraeforia had been one of peace and prosperity for centuries.  Ancient texts explain that Uasis, Goddess of Order, protected the lands and did not stand for any who laid threat.  Once every 50 years, on the eve of the third full moon, her presence was observed as an astonishing display of blues and greens pulsating across the night skies, which persisted for three consecutive nights.

While other deities were allowed to be revered, Uasis was the overarching protector, and as such is the only one that is granted specific holy structures.  Each city across the land housed a shrine or temple dedicated to her, while additional non-descript houses of worship may exist.

This year was to bring another grand celebration, and the streets filled in cities across the land as the sun began to set.  As was custom in the city of Poalis, the lights remained off in order to allow Uasis’ light to be fully recognized.  Minutes of darkness passed and nothing appeared in the skies.  Then hours.  The mixed sounds of concern and disappointment floated through the streets as the lights had always appeared on this day.  Eventually the masses scattered, leaving just a few to sit staring into the blackness above.

As morning dawned, there were many questions.  Another night came and went, still uneventful.  Something was not right.

In the weeks that followed, not only had the lights not appeared, but things around had started to go awry.  Crops were wilting.  Animals were starting to act strange and appear more feral than before.  Tensions were beginning to show.

After several more months, the world had fallen into a state of disrepair.  The lands had seemingly stopped providing life to any sort of vegetation.  Animals were now too dangerous to house as pets, and even livestock had become too much to handle, as farmers abandoned their lands surrounding the city to live within the protection of the walls.  The skies appeared bleak, with a constant haze overhead.

The city guard put out a call to arms, enacting an enlistment policy for all citizens coming of age in order to help fill out the cities defences.  The party members were among the trainees.

Kept secret from most, the city had opened up a portal to another world, and was using this to aid in resource gathering for the city's survival, as trade routes had long been rendered useless.  An order came down from the King to send the most promising team of recruits to the other world on a reconnaissance mission.  It had become obvious that further aid would be needed.

The party was sent through and greeted by one of the guards on the other side.  While being filled in on what was known about the land, the portal began to flicker.  It then erupted into a explosion of blinding light.  Once everyone's eyes had readjusted, the portal was no more.

The denizens that managed to run through the portal before it disappeared spoke of a horror back home.  The skies went black, then began to rain down balls of fire for as far as could be seen.  The word was given to evacuate, however by the time the guards were able to funnel people to the portal location, only the first few got through before a massive explosion took out the city, and with it, the way home.

With little knowledge of the world they now reside in, and a handful of workers, the party has many decisions to make.

Uprooted & Unsettled